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Saturday, December 20, 2014

As promised...Unforeseen Intentions - Chapter 1...Thanks for exceeding 100 likes on my fb page!

Recommended for readers 18 years of age or older due to language and sexual content. If these things offend you, please stop reading now :)

Unforeseen Intentions

Chapter 1

As I entered Cohen’s office building, I couldn’t wait to show him my surprise. Since our engagement three months ago, he has demanded that we remain celibate. This has been somewhat hard considering my fondness for getting him hot and sweaty. However, he wanted our first time as husband and wife to be something special, and evidently he thought refraining from sex for a year would do the trick. Hopefully, I was about to change his mind. Either that, or I would spontaneously combust before month six.   
Luckily, it was rainy and a bit nippy today. This made my calf length trench coat appropriate attire. In addition, my knee high boots were nothing out of the ordinary. I appeared as just another business woman entering a law office. As I entered the building, I expected to have to discreetly explain my presence to Cohen’s personal assistant, but Ben was not at his desk. I took that as an omen and lightly tapped two times before opening Cohen’s office door. I knew Cohen wouldn’t mind the distraction. We were always so open with one another, a stipulation of our relationship that we both felt strongly about. It was nothing new for me to suddenly surprise him at work. However, I was taking this surprise to the next level.  
Just as I expected, I found Cohen sitting behind his desk. He was such a dedicated person. He was dedicated to his job and most definitely dedicated to me. There was never a sprig of his gorgeous blonde hair out of place, and his iridescent green eyes always reflected the passionate love he had for me. I am the luckiest girl on the planet. If only I could keep my libido in check until after the wedding.
Seeing the client chairs empty, I proceeded into his office. I took his sudden bolt from behind the desk and the way he was making his way over to me as excitement over my visit. So, before he could reach me, I undid the belt that secured the coat around my waist and lowered it from my body to reveal what was underneath. I was already beginning to moisten from mere anticipation of what was to come.
“Alaina,” he gasped.
The tight, black corset that I was wearing had my plump assets perfectly displayed. It, paired with the sexy black lace panties, and knee-high hooker boots had to do the trick. With the trench coat now clinging only to my wrists, I began a slow spin.  Offering up a three hundred and sixty degree view would allow him to fully understand the magnitude of his decision. Having made it halfway around my turn, I was about to remove the rest of the trench coat to expose the full back view. To seal the deal, I wanted him to see the way the corset laced in the back. Cohen always found ribbon sexy as hell.
As I slowly turned, I began my seducing dialog, “ Mr. Fisher, I know you said no sex until the honeymoon, but I was really hoping…”
The rest of my prearranged speech left me when I looked toward the couch where I was planning to throw my coat. I immediately locked eyes with a man sitting on the couch enjoying the view of my half-naked body. I sucked in a sharp breath and froze.  
“Shit,” I vaguely heard Cohen mutter as he reached me and began pulling the coat back in place.
After a split second of pure terror, I regained control of my movement and began to assist with Cohen’s efforts. Neither of us could get the coat back on quick enough. Trying to completely ignore the man sitting on the couch, I looked to Cohen and tried to express my embarrassing apology. I even managed to screw that up as nothing comprehensible would flow from my mouth.
“Alaina, honey calm down. I’m sure Braxton has seen many women half naked. Although, I prefer him not see my fiancé that way, we can’t change it now. I’m sure we can just put this behind us.” As he said his last words, he forcefully cinched the sash tightly in place. There was no way in hell it was going to accidently come open. In fact, I was finding it a little difficult to breath. However, I wasn’t altogether sure that my breathing predicament was from the tightness of the belt.
Cohen placed his hand possessively on the small of my back and led me over to the ogling idiot. My fiancé was always the epitome of etiquette. This often made me question what he saw in me. Obviously, I wasn’t near as refined or subdued. Maybe our differences created the perfect balance. Nevertheless, I knew I was about to be properly introduced to the man that was now rising from the couch.    
“Braxton Davis this is my lovely fiancé Alaina Lawrence, soon to be Alaina Fisher. She seems to have intended a little office seduction. Rest assured; she typically wears more conservative clothing.”
I couldn’t help but notice the smirk that crossed the intruder’s face, and instantly my embarrassment was replaced with rage.
Braxton extended his hand in a gesture reserved for people just getting acquainted with one another. The problem was Braxton wasn’t a new acquaintance. In fact, I’d known him for many years, or I guess I should say, I knew him many years ago. Sadly enough, he most certainly had already seen me naked…All of me! He was the guy that I’d lost my virginity to; the only other guy, besides Cohen, that I’d ever slept with.
Guilt riddled me as I tried to quickly determine if I should reveal this small detail to Cohen. Honesty was important to both of us. However, I knew that this tidbit of juicy information wouldn’t do any of us good. So, I just decided to follow Brax’s lead and pretend we’d never met. After all, he’d disappeared the day after that regrettable incident, and I hadn’t heard from him since. I’m sure he didn’t want to take a trip down memory lane with my fiancé, and I sure as hell didn’t want to relive that night. I’d spent too many nights afterward doing just that.
No, I was with the man of my dreams now, and the asshole standing in front of me wasn’t about to jeopardize that. Hell, maybe he didn’t even remember me. Like Cohen suggested, I’m sure he’d been with many women before and since. After all, he was the irresistible bad boy in high school that all the cheerleaders drooled over. His leather jacket, disheveled jet black hair, motorcycle boots, and piercing ice-cold blue eyes indicated that he most likely hadn’t changed his ways.
It would be obvious that something was amiss if I refused to shake Brax’s hand, so I slowly extended my hand to grasp his. I intended for it to be a quick insignificant shake, but Brax had other plans. He held my hand a moment too long and applied just enough of a squeeze to inform me that he remembered exactly who I was. Shit, how could his touch alone bring back that familiar feeling? I refused to acknowledge the sparks that jolted through me. Our relationship had been a high school fantasy. It was perfect in every possible way. However, it had been completely one-sided, and it broke my heart to learn that it meant nothing to the person currently piercing me with his icy stare. I completely regretted ever setting eyes on Braxton Davis.   
“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Lawrence. Congratulations on your engagement. No sweat about the exposed skin. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. When, might I ask, is the special day?”
 Damn him! The asshole was baiting me right in front of Cohen. He knew that I understood the true meaning behind his words.   
I tried to plaster on a polite smile. Acting had never really been my strong suit; that is why I loved Cohen so much. We didn’t have to put on a front with one another, until now. Now, Brax was causing me to keep a big ugly secret from Cohen. The sooner he was out of the picture, the sooner I could get back to my perfect life.
“We have a little over nine months. I’m so ready to make this gorgeous woman my wife; I can already picture her pregnant and barefoot in our kitchen,” Cohen replied while placing a gentle kiss on my forehead.
The loving gesture helped to momentarily soothe some of the building rage that Brax was continuing to stoke with his double-sided comments.
“Really? You don’t strike me as the kind of woman that would want children, Ms. Lawrence. So, how many children is the happy couple going to have?”
The more words that came out of his mouth, the more I hated him. This seemed impossible considering the amount of loathing that had built up over the years.
Brax was referring to the comment I’d made about not wanting children when he and I were together. At the time, I had felt passionately about not having children. However, a short time after Cohen and I began dating, I quickly changed my mind regarding the subject.
Having come from a small family, Cohen had aspirations of producing a large one of his own. Seeing the dreaminess in his eyes when he spoke about it quickly convinced me that creating children with this man was something that I needed to do more than anything.
I guess it was my turn to throw a low blow. Interestingly enough, Braxton and I had actually fought about this topic of conversation. As crazy as it sounds, Brax had wanted to get me pregnant the night he took my virginity. He said that it would prove our commitment to one another. Honestly, I think he was desperate to prove to himself that he could be a good father.
Braxton never had a father figure in his life, and I think that screwed him up royally. The fact that I didn’t want children bothered him tremendously. It had been the cause of our biggest fight. A fight that we had engaged in only moments before I gave myself to him completely with no barriers. Obviously, that battle had been his victory.
“Well, when you find a man like Cohen, you can’t help but want to become the mother of his children.” For added effect, I leaned into Cohen and nuzzled his neck. “We were thinking about three, but I just can’t wait to begin practicing.”
I loved that Cohen wrapped his arms protectively around me. It’s like he was subconsciously staking his claim. His voice exuded calm adoration. “I’m tremendously looking forward to it also my love. However, I’m sure Braxton doesn’t care to hear all the details. Baby, as always, I love your visits. Braxton and I have a little bit more business to discuss. Then, I’ll be headed home early. How about we revisit your concerns when I get home?”
He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You know how I love your persuasive techniques. You may want to leave the outfit on, so I can better examine all of the evidence you’ve presented.”
I blushed slightly hoping that our little show was making Brax uncomfortable.
“Of course, baby.”  I stood on my tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Then, I sashayed my ass as provocatively as possible toward the door. As I glanced back over my shoulder, I left them with three parting words.
“I’ll be waiting.”
I was elated that those few words spoke different messages to both men watching me. This was confirmed when I noted the longing look in Cohen’s eyes and the rage reflected in Brax’s.

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